Scholar Painting LLC in CT Scholar Painting LLC in CT Scholar Painting LLC Celerion Apartments <p>The nature of this project was very unique and posed a number of &nbsp;challenges . One due to the lease structure of the complex 90% of the complexes 160 1,2,3 bedroom apartments leases ended on the same day and those same apartments had new tenants moving in 7 days later. Second all the apartments were scattered over 20 different building on a 30 acre site.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Tue, February 18 2014, 12:40:46 -500 ALPHA STAR Communications <p>The exterior and Interior of this 20,000sq ft facility was in rough condition after years of being abandoned and neglect from the previous owners. The condition of the siding was in rough shape and left a few things to be desired with a tremendous amount of chaulking on the aluminum siding. There was also a leak in the roof causing water stains on the sheet-rock walls and ceiling.</p> Wed, September 25 2013, 19:14:30 -500 Bowl-2-Benefit the Center for Domestic Violence <p>Join us on Saturday, March 10, 2012 for the 24th Annual Bowl-2-Benefit the Center for Domestic Violence Services at BHcare (formerly The Umbrella and DVS of Greater New Haven)!</p> <p><img class="img-right" title="Bowl 2 Benefit New Haven CT" src="" alt="Bowl 2 Benefit New Haven CT" width="214" height="148" />One of the largest events of its kind in the state, the event unites over 1200 concerned citizens, businesses, school, organizations and community leaders in the fight against domestic violence.</p> <p>Every 9 seconds, a woman is battered in the United States. The Center for Domestic Violence Services (CDVS) provide emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis, counseling, advocacy and support services to over 10,000 victims and their children each year.</p> <p>You can make a difference by bowling a strike against domestic violence!</p> <p>Donate to Bowl-2-Benefit&nbsp;<a href=""></a></p> Tue, February 28 2012, 00:00:00 -500 Scholar Painting Continues to Give Back to the Community <p><strong>Scholar Painting, LLC to Host Home Makeovers<br />Company to Continue to Give Back to Communities</strong></p> <p>SEYMOUR, CT-With a new President in the White House and an optimistic desire for change across the nation, Scholar Painting is preparing to give back to Connecticut communities and residents with free house paintings during the upcoming spring season. Connecticut residents will be able to write to Scholar Painting, nominating friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors beginning this February.</p> <p>"In these tough economic times, everyone needs a helping hand," says Sam Kaplowitz, Manager of Sales and Marketing. "The enthusiasm being shown by our country with regards to community involvement is something to be proud of. Scholar Painting intends to join in and give back in their own distinctive way."</p> <p>Scholar Painting will be working in union with Junkluggers and other local contractors to aid in interior, and exterior home improvements, including painting, landscaping, and other various household repairs.</p> <p>Scholar Painting is also seeking donations or assistance from fellow businesses and contractors. "This truly is a team effort," says Kaplowitz. "We are asking the community as a whole to donate in any way they can."</p> <p>If you would like to donate your time or send in a nomination, letters must be mailed to 2 Klarides Village Drive, #145, Seymour, CT, Attn: Home Makeover. Nominations will be accepted until May 1st.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Tue, February 3 2009, 00:00:00 -500 Local House Painting Company Featured on A&E Flip This House <p><img class="img-left" title="Flip this House" src="" alt="Flip this House" width="198" height="145" />Scholar Painting, a house painting company based out of Seymour, will be featured on an up and coming episode on A&amp;E's Flip This House. Tackling one of the most exciting aspects of today's high-stakes real estate market, the transformation of an eyesore into a profit-making beauty, A&amp;E's follows travails of real-estate investors in New Haven, CT, Los Angeles, CA, San Antonio, TX and Atlanta, GA. Each boasts a team of characters that buys homes, renovates them in a record time, and flips them for a profit. It sounds simple, but sparks fly and tempers are high before the fixer-uppers are ready to go back on the market.</p> <p>CT Homes, a New Heaven based property investment company is the New Haven team for Flip This House. Having high standards and tight deadlines to be on the show, CT Home hires reputable professionals to work with their team to complete the flipping process efficiency and on time while meeting expectations. Matt Burke and Vaughn Butler, owners of Scholar Painting, saw this as an opportunity and an experience and contracted CT Homes to apply for a bid on this project. After looking over Scholar Painting's qualifications, past work, and letter of recommendations, they were hired to tackle the interior of the 108-year home. From removing the 5 layers of wallpaper, repairing the sheetrock and hundred year old plastered walls, to the detailed finishing painting, Scholar Painting's team finished on time for open house. Vaughn Butler says, "this is the most intense painting project I have been a part of and being hired for this project is a great achievement for Scholar Painting and my employees." This episode will air on Saturday, October 4 10:00 pm ET on A&amp;E.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Tue, January 27 2009, 00:00:00 -500 Scholar Painting, LLC to Expand Business Model <span style="font-weight: bold;">Scholar Painting, LLC to Expand Business Model </span><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;"> Business Places Emphasis on Awareness of Customer Satisfaction </span><br /> <p>SEYMOUR , CT -The current economic climate is not preventing Connecticut-based Scholar Painting from expanding their business model. Their goal for this year is to let people know that they provide much more than house painting services. </p> <p>"With this new expansion," says Sam Kaplowitz, Manager of Sales and Marketing, "we hope to build on the fact that we are more versatile than other painting contractors. We continue to strive for customer satisfaction and we understand the importance of the value of our clients' homes. We will now be able to address other concerns and hopes of our customers and their communities." </p> <p>Scholar Painting, which began as a student-staffed painting company three years ago, has already experienced its fair share of growth. Since being officially licensed in March 2008, Scholar Painting has become both a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Greater Naugatuck Valley Chamber of Commerce. </p> <p>"Our involvement with the customer goes beyond painting their home," says Kaplowitz. "We express our interests in the community as well." Public relations projects include sponsoring local sports teams, seasonal and holiday discounts, food drives, and park cleanups, done in cooperation with JunkLuggers, a fellow Fairfield-based trash removal company. <br /> Scholar Painting aims for a rewarding and gratifying experience for every customer with hopes that their increasing community profile will result in even greater customer satisfaction. To learn more of Scholar Painting's growing involvement, contact them toll free at 1-877-44SCHOLAR or visit Scholar Painting online at <br /> <br /></p> Contact: <br /> Sam Kaplowtiz, Manager of Sales and Marketing <br /> Scholar Painting, LLC <br /> 1-877-44SCHOLAR <br /> <div>&nbsp; </div> <div>&nbsp; </div> <div>&nbsp; </div> <div>&nbsp; </div> <div>&nbsp; </div> Tue, January 27 2009, 00:00:00 -500