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Good water management. A well-designed, professionally installed gutter & downspout system provides protection against erosion, plant dama, e and basement flooding.

Well-maintained gutters help protect your home from water damage

Gutters and downspouts are important for the health and well-being of your house. By directing roof runoff away from your foundation walls, this drainage system is your first line of defense against basement or crawl space flooding.

A well-functioning gutter and downspout system preserves your topsoil and protects exterior siding and trim from backsplash water that can damage paint and cause wood rot.

The experts at Scholar Painting can install quality gutters that will provide effective roof drainage year round!

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Benefits of various gutter and downspout materials

If you're planning to replace old gutters and downspouts or install a new roof drainage system, one of your first decisions will be the material used for gutters and downspouts. Here are some details about the different choices of materials for gutters and downspouts.

Choosing between K profile or half-round gutters

Another decision you'll have to make concerns the profile or cross-section of your new gutters. Gutters installed in a "K" profile feature a curved front edge. The "K" or "Ogee" gutter profile is compatible with many house styles.

Gutter size is also an important decision. The size denotes the measurement across the top of the gutter. Most houses require either 5-inch or 6-inch gutters. The downspouts used in a gutter-and-downspout system can have a rectangular or circular profile.

Other details to consider when installing or replacing gutters

If you're having gutters and downspouts installed, it makes sense to consider including gutter guards and splash blocks or ground drainage in your installation. Gutter guards or covers will help to prevent your gutters and downspouts from being clogged by leaves, twigs and other debris. Splash blocks and ground drains help to direct water from downspouts away from the house.

We are your trusted resource for gutter installation and roofing services in Old Greenwich, New London, Weston, Stamford, Cos Cob, Wilton, Westport, Ridgefield, Easton, Norwalk, Redding, Woodbridge, Trumbull, New Canaan, and all throughout Connecticut. The condition of your roof and gutters can have a significant impact on your home. Whether you are installing gutters on a new home or replacing your old, worn-out gutters or roofing system, make sure you choose an experienced roofing contractor who you can depend on to get the job done right. 

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