Case Studies

Case Studies

Norwalk Barn Stabilization and Exterior Restoration
After Hurricane Sandy, this barn in Norwalk, CT was in terrible condition. It was completely unusable and near falling apart due to a large Oak tree falling on top of the...
Ansonia Armory Roof Replacement
The roof of the Ansonia Armory was in dire need for a replacement. The plywood beneath the roof was rotted which caused leaks, and due to the fact that there is an ongoing...
ALPHA STAR Communications Exterior Restoration in Oxford, CT
The exterior and Interior of this 20,000sq ft facility was in rough condition after years of being abandoned and neglect from the previous owners. The condition of the siding...
Eli Terry Retirement Community Exterior Renovation
The Eli Terry Retitement Community had a tremendous amount of rotting wood and studding around the building beneath the previously placed siding. This coupled with the quick...
Deep River Town Hall Exterior Paint Restoration
After many years of painting we ran into over 15 coats of paint on the woodwork on this historical building. What made it even more difficult was the fact that the building...
The nature of this project was very unique and posed a number of challenges. One due to the lease structure of the complex 90% of the complexes 160 1,2,3 bedroom apartments...
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